Cryonics Skyscraper

Architecture of the City of New York 


Teamwork Academic Project

Architecture Design

My Role

Architecture Design, 3D modeling & rendering,

Diagram and detail drawing

Cooperate with

Luan Feng, Marcos Gonzalez


Sep. 2015 - Dec. 2015

Project Summary

Our asset argument stems from the notion of longevity. Whether it be a legacy of achievements or financial stamina, the ultra-rich are all interested in having influence unimpeded by time or space. As such, many of the building s in New York that exist today are to memorialize the wealth and influence of certain individuals.

This project begins to encapsulate this memorialization of the individual by offering spaces alongside the residential component of the tower to preserve the bodies of patrons and put them on display. Akin to a pyramid or a museum, this relationship between the living and the resting is two-fold: a celebration of the individuals life for the public to see and likewise, act as a temporary holding place for the individual.

Architecture Elevation Drawing

Architecture Section Drawing

Architecture Structure Drawing

Architecture Rendering and Interior

3D Printing Physical Model