Skyscraper Hotel Concept Design

Water Tower Hotel


Individual Academic Project

Architecture Design

My Role

Architecture Design, 3D modeling & rendering


Sep. 2016 - Dec. 2016

Project Summary

Different from a lot of hotels where pools are lying on the ground, this hotel is designed base on the pools are stacking vertically into a water tower. The pools are organized from top to bottom base on how many people use it. There are water park and big slices at the lower part, and diving pool and resort pool are sitting at the top. 

So that from top to bottom, is from quite to lively, from scattered to crowded. Different level is a different world. There are leisure world, diving world, falling water world, forest world and water park world. From top to bottom you could go through multiple atmospheres.

All these pools and levels are connected by water base on gravity. Water falling from top to bottom in different shape because of different type of pools. And hotel rooms are surrounded by the pools. Hotel rooms are affected by pools become different shapes and organization. Finally, this hotel becomes a vertical stacking experiential water tower.