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This project aims to motivate users to build up a healthier lifestyle.


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23andMe provides a direct-to-consumer DNA test that includes 55+ health reports, trait reports & automatic Family Tree. 

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  • How can we help our customers become healthier?

  • Customer engagement and retention reduces after reviewing their DNA reports.


  • Motivate our customers to build up a healthier lifestyle based on their DNA and health report.


To achieve our mission, I worked with 23andMe scientists to better understand how can we help our users.

How can a person build up a healthy lifestyle?

  • Maintain a healthy weight (a BMI of 18-25).

  • Maintain physical activity whenever users manage to fit it in.

How big is our community?


23andMe User Community


DNA + Health Reports

How are our users doing in physical activity?

Based on 23andMe user’s step database, half of our users are at a sedentary level.


Motivate users to level up their activity.
Visualize the 23andMe community overall performance
Provide unique suggestions based on user’s DNA report


Help user build up a healthy lifestyle
Increase user engagement
Improve user satisfaction


Phase 1: Activity Data Connection

To functional successfully connect with user's daily activity data, I designed the lifestyle dashboard to help users connecting Healthkit or Fitbit to the 23andMe app.

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Lifestyle Dashboard

Phase 2: Community & Motivation

Today I'll introduce phase 2 design:

  • Create a 23andMe community chart to motivate users to be more active.

  • Create personalized suggestions based on users' DNA reports.

Lifestyle Dashboard Phase 2


Community Chart Design Elements:

  • Distribution chart of the 23andMe community

  • User's location in the 23andMe community

  • The motivation for users to level up

Step 1: Distribution chart design for the 23andMe community

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 3 visually deliver the community distribution concept most

Step 2: User's location in the 23andMe community

Design 1

Design 1 provides a simple and clear layout

Design 2

Design 3

Step 3: Motivation for users to level up

Design 1

Design 2

Converting steps into minutes helps the user to better achieve their level-up goal


I made a prototype and worked with UX researchers to run a usability test on the design mockup with 12 Participants. The following are the feedbacks and revision insights I received.

What's working:

  • 10/12 users understand and excited about the community comparison chart.

  • 9/12 users think it's fun, motivating, and interesting with the level-up goal approach

Further Revision:

  • Better communicate the concept via the title and subtitle.

  • Add X&Y axis to help users understand the information.

  • Highlight the level-up goal with better copy communication.

  • Highlight the color to visually focus.

What's not working:

  • 5/12 users think the title is not clear to deliver the concept.

  • 8/12 users don’t understand what's the height of the column.

  • 5/12 users think the level-up goal is not clear.


Interactive Community Chart with Level-Up Goal

This interactive chart helps users to compare themselves with the 23andMe community. In the meantime, it provides an achievable level-up goal to motivate user to be more active.

Filters to Compare with Similar Users

Based on previous user testing, I designed a filters feature to help users compare with similar users in the community.

Personalized Suggestions

Working with scientists and UX writer, I designed different cards and graphics to motivate users to be more active.

Scale-Up to All Categories


We launched the project before thanksgiving. Following are the results:


User satisfaction rate


User engagement rate

23andMe user's step database changes after launch:


While we are launching the project, iOS 14 released a widget feature.

I realized the lifestyle dashboard would be a perfect feature for a 23andMe widget.

A widget potentially could:

  • Increase the 23andMe app visibility.

  • Help users achieve the level-up goal easily.

  • Scale-up with other 23andMe features in the future.

Design Exploration

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 3 most helps users to understand the level-up concept and visually more appealing.

User Testing

9:00 AM

4:00 PM

7:00 PM

What's working:

  • 14/18 of users feel motivated by the widget

  • 13/18 of users willing to add the widget to their phone

  • 16/18 of users like the visual layout of the widget

What's not working:

  • 10/18 of users feel frustrated by waking up and been told they need to walk 47 mins to the goal

Design Iteration



Further Revision:

  • Break the big level-up goal into small goals at each level

  • The time becomes easier to achieve


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