Hyper Automata

Virtual Data Library Concept

"Closed Worlds" exhibition at Storefront for Art and Architecture

Photograph by Miguel de Guzman


Teamwork Academic Project

VR Concept Design

My Role

Concept Design, Script Coding,

Unity3D VR modeling, Diagram drawing

Cooperate with

Shuojing Feng


Jan. 2016 - May. 2016

Project Summary

This online data archive is more like an open, intelligent and interactive library for people who are accessing data inside.Here we are providing organization from mathematic logic generated by series like Fibonacci, mod, sigma, and xor. This organization for data could be clearly shown in two-dimensional pattern way, or even in three dimensional, four-dimensional geometries, in which containing data space comes into existing. 

To be specific, this online archive is like the library of Babel. This is infinite space, with infinite possibilities of combination of numbers, letters and signs. Though it may seem organized, it actually could generate any context, images, soundtracks that users could image. When these people are actually accessing data, they can change the way data are organized or configuration so that they can best use, experience and get what they want. Techniquely, we will also provide users with VR glasses, with touch force screens, to realize the space by walking or wandering around the data.

Hyper Dimension - Hypercube

Everything is data

Data could be represented as numbers.

Try to organize data by organizing numbers.


Exclusive OR

Script Coding

Xor Pattern

2D Organization - XOR Pattern

3D Organization - XOR Pattern

4D Organization - XOR Pattern

4D Section - XOR Pattern

Extracting Light Color - XOR Pattern

Virtual Reality Experience

"Closed Worlds" exhibition at Storefront for Art and Architecture  

-- Participate in Virtual Reality Hackathon "Some World Games", 2016.

Photograph by Miguel de Guzman

Virtual Space - Organization Analysis Diagram

Virtual Interior Space

3D Print Model