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Retail Company Website

This project aims to build a VR website for retail company.


Work Project
My Role


End to End

Product Designer



02.2017 -




PM: Amy
Engineer: Yuheng, Nilay


*To protect client's privacy, some information will not be shown

Project Summary

Using robots to navigate retail store floors, managing inventory, ensuring planogram and promotional compliance, we get a huge database with all these information.

This website will provide the  headquarter managers with analyzed data, merchandise detail and virtual reality scene reappearance of the stores and help the headquarter remotely control local stores.

Corporate User Web Portal

Store Manager Web Portal

Problem Definition

Giant retail companies have a hard time to obtain each local store information and detail of retail products. Currently, retail companies let their employee to manually check products and report.


Instead, our company provides robot to automatically report to replace human actions. Therefore how to represent data to headquarter managers become the goal of this project.

Research Process

User Needs

Website users.

User needs.

After talking with each clients about their needs and priority, we can narrow our website content to hight priority needs first.

Web Map

Base on user needs, I summarized website structure.

For high priority user needs, as well as clients' requirement, we choose to focus on corporate user and store manager pages first.

Design Process

User Flow

Website user flow for corporate user. Besides basic data information, we provide virtual reality environment of local store for better immersive data display.